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free mods to make it look cool?

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what are some free mods to do to a 2001 mustang v6 to make it look nice. . . (free)
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the only true free mods i know of are...

- cut your antenna (sexy to do)
- remove air silencer
- take out dumb honeycomb grill
- cut out the fog slots and leave them open until you can buy fogs
- cut your springs
- hand wash once a week (not really free, but makes it look damn good)
you can do the windshield wiper mod
makes a huge difference...:yes
whats the windsheild wiper mod?
lower the wiper arms...just pop them off and put them back on lower down the windshield...makes the front end look much better from the outside and inside...
For the love of Christ....

- Drill holes in the stock air box and goto a K&N washable filter. Good til you want to dump some money in a better CAI for $50-$300.
- Cut off the white nozzle on the stock air box. Helps the above as well.
- Remove the backseat. Thats 90lbs of dead weight.
white nozzle?

What's circled.
oh...mine was black...i figured you were talking about the whale penis..but i didn't know for sure did whale penis develope?!'s an older post a very long time ago ;)
1 - 6 of 36 Posts
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