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front =? rear =315/35/17s or 285/35/18s ??

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Im going to lower my car with eibach pro kit(im wondering what else ill have to change after this and why)

and im looking for a new rear tire set up 315/35/17s or 285/35/18s

what would you suggest i get ?

last question ...what is the largest tire size i can go with in the front on stock oem wheels (17x8)?

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I think you can go like, 255 in the front.. I aint sure though... actually i might be Way off, the 8in rim caint fit to big of a tire... But I'd go with the 315s if you can fit em, thats a WIDE tire, 17in tires are much cheaper than 18s
1 - 1 of 47 Posts
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