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front =? rear =315/35/17s or 285/35/18s ??

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Im going to lower my car with eibach pro kit(im wondering what else ill have to change after this and why)

and im looking for a new rear tire set up 315/35/17s or 285/35/18s

what would you suggest i get ?

last question ...what is the largest tire size i can go with in the front on stock oem wheels (17x8)?

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i pay about 20 more buckx for my 18 inch nittos than i did for my 17 nittos. and that per tire. for the look upgrade, i think an extra 80 bux everytime i get new tires isnt to bad
i paid $160 for my 275/35/17 nitto 555, and i just bought new tires for my new 18s the other day and paid $180 for each of my 275/35/18. dont know wher eyour seeing that 300 at. i wouldnt buy off the internet cuz if thats what they are charging your getting ****ed. i can post my reciept if yall would like
the drag radials on 305 were only going to cost me 200 and the m/t 305/40/18 (might not be the right size but the big m/t drag radial) was gonna cost me 240 per tire
all my prices are mounted and balanced and i can post up who i get them through and you can contact them yourselves and ask the price
i think i said 160 for me but thats mounted and balanced im pretty sure 150 per tire
the nittos have great tire life for a drag radial. but ya know you gotta pay to play with the big boys. and you wont find a street radial that will hook anywehre close to the nitto 555r and plus the are cheap
1 - 6 of 47 Posts
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