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front sump in foxbody

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So i picked up a 351w to drop in my fox and upon dropping it in I realized the front sump on the block will not fit in the fox. Is there any other way around this?
The only option I see is to put the rear sump pump and pan in.. However I didn't want to take the crank bolt loose in order to mount the rear sump. Any help would be great thanks guys..
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that looks like a stock kit.. I have all the stock rear pump equip
well that kit is designed to swap a 351w into a fox but if you can get it to work without it that would be cool too
my fox had a 351w in it before that had a rear sump and I chose to swap however I didn't want to break the bolt loose on the crank to mount the rear sump. so I was just gonna leave it front sump till I realized it won't fit.
your probly gonna have to go back to rear sump.....but you can wait till tomorrow when more people will be on and get some more opinions
thanks man, I'll wait and see if anyone else has experienced anything like this.. appreciate the help though!!
87-93 Fox Mustang 5.0 to a 351W Swap if you can find a 351 crown vic
that looks as though it is still a rear sump??
"The 302 uses a rear-sump pan, while the 351W uses a front-sump oil pan, which necessitates a new pickup. If you're going to limit your driving to the street, FRPP offers a complete oil-pan kit (PN M-6675-A58) that includes a 5-quart (stock capacity) rear-sump pan, a dipstick, a tube, and a pickup. The oil pump and drive are not included, so you'll have to purchase these items separately." says this page

351 Engine Swap - 5.0 Mustang & Super Fords Magazine
you are gonna need the rear sump to put the Windsor in your fox. It is better to get an oil pan and pickup kit then just trying to get one from the junk yard and hope it all works right.​
I already have the rear pick up kit I just didn't want to break the bolts loose on the main caps if I didn't have to. Thanks though
well ive never heard of a front sump oil pan in a fox....soo im guessing your gonna have to break the bolts lose..srry:tomato
rear sump and pan are in.. motor is back in the car actually in the motor mounts this time :) Thanks for all the help guys! work pretty fast
I don't like wasting time bro.. now I just gotta button everything up and hopefully be rollin her tomorrow..
yeah let us know how that beast runs
No prob let us know how it all goes
I'm an idiot.. I knew I should've rough set the timing while the motor was outta the car. I was bolting up the water neck to the intake and I apparently had too much goop on my hands and dropped a bolt where the distributor should have been. Fell all the way to the oil pan.

Is there enough clearance to just lift the motor and drop the pan or do I need to take it all the way out AGAIN?
It can be done, use a magnet probe to fish out the bolt.
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