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Fruits of labor

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Aside from still waiting on the hood pins, this is where my time has been spent the past couple days :D:D:D

And of course, the sound clip right after installing the exhaust:
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looks good but you might want to try to align the tips a little better :D

( nice plate 771 Estimated HP ) :lol
Looks good... what part of the show me state are you from?
looks good but you might want to try to align the tips a little better :D
lol, i noticed that in the picture, they're straight it's just because i was up close in between them.

haha, never noticed that about my plates, now i have a story to tell for them I guess!

And, I'm from St. Louis, but go to school out in Columbia.

Thanks for any comments, I appreciate em! Did all the work with hand tools, went and had my friend at the dealership tighten it all up for me today. Couldn't be happier (unless my hood pins had gotten in yesterday of course)
thats exatcly what i;ve been doing this week too :lol
cept i had to put a gt bumper on also
and here's the set of tools I had at my disposal

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well at least you had
Heh, well nice job, even with your lack of tools.
1 - 9 of 9 Posts
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