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Name:paul H
Location:Long Beach, Ca
Item:Corvette Driver side dash
Price:120+shipping(priority 3 day)

I've got about 15 of these for sale, or possibly trade if anyone has a Motorola Droid verizon cell phone available.

They are OEM parts from GM themselves, they are as pictured, but come in the black and silver stock colors. Would be good if you've damaged your dash, or just want something to paint and make your car look a little more customized on the interior. If you don't have a set of dummy buttons for the left side of the dash, I can include them for free. They are like that stock unless you have the HUD option on the corvette which then fills that slot in with buttons to operate the heads up displays. I'm actually also selling complete turn key heads up display packages with photo step by step instructions for 750.00 plus a little more for shipping through priority. Also do installs of these for ~500, and I've had people come back to me to install them because they went to the dealer and the dealer quoted them usually between 2500-3300 dollars.

I unwrapped this one from the plastic to take a picture, the rest are all covered in plastic and in boxes from shipping, I paid a little over 200 for these because at the time it was the only way to acquire the left side set of buttons. All are perfect, and have no problems.
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