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Dohc Parts : (Stock)

Stock 04 Mach 1 intake with maf complete $70 shipped
Stock 04 Mach 1 5spd drive shaft SOLD
Stock 04 mach 1 clutch with flywheel SOLD
Factory (dark charcoal) driver steering wheel/airbag SOLD
Stock 01 cobra Fuel rails $25 shipped
Stock 01 intake with maf SOLD
Factory 6cd stereo SOLD
Painted black radio bezel with switches SOLD
01 cobra complete harnesses (engine and pcm) SOLD
01 Pcm SOLD
01 cobra hydroboost, brake booster master cylinder SOLD
01 cobra Complete A/C system SOLD
01 cobra stock Throttle body $35 shipped

Mach1 39k / 01 cobra 104k

SOHC parts Stock:

Stock 04 GT throttle body and plenum $40 shipped
Stock 04 GT power steering pump, pulley, reservoir complete $ 50 shipped
Stock 04 GT fuel rails $20 shipped
Stock 04 GT mufflers SOLD
Stock 04 GT 6cd stereo $70 shipped
Stock 04 GT mach 460 speakers, door speakers $45 shipped, tweeters $30 shipped
Stock 04 GT mats SOLD

Black Driver and Passengers doors with motor and glass $150ea
Black Mach 1 C-pillars/ Sail panels RARE SOLD

Center console $80 shipped, door panels (both) $120 shipped (dark charcoal)


BBK under drive pulleys $80 Shipped
BBK dohc 65mm Throttle body SOLD
Eibach strut tower brace $80 shipped
Eibach lowering springs SOLD

Pics to come guys!

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oh alright, and yeah it hasn't sent me my money back yet but as soon as it does I'll send it your way. I've bought/sold tons of stuff from multiple people on here so I'm not wasting your time on purpose or anything just put the wrong letter in your email.
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