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My name is Caleb Parker
Located in Virginia Beach, VA
Factory 98 Cobra's

They are in good shape with your average where no curb rash but they do have miner scratches. Lookin for around $200 but will work with you.

Willing to trade for some 3.73 or for 4.10's

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Not trying to bust your balls to hard but its not hard to follow

Seriously you have been here for awhile you should know this bro

ALL classifieds must use one the following forms. If this form is not used, the ad will be deleted without any notification. copy the appropriate form and fill in the info for your post. posts without all info included will be removed.

For Sale

Location (city, state):
Items being sold:
Picture(s) of item:

Want to Buy

Location (city, state):
Item wanted:
Price you are looking to pay:

Want to Trade

Location (city, state):
Item for trade:
What you are looking to trade for:
Picture(s) of item you are trading:
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