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FS: 99-04 V6/GT/Mach1 Front Bumper

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Name: Justin Moore
Location (city, state): Wiggins, MS
Items being sold: 99-04 Mustang V6/GT/Mach1 Red (D3) Front Bumper Cover
Price: $150 shipped and insured OBO I need this thing gone!

Alright... this is an OEM Ford front bumper from my 2003 V6. It still had all tabs and brackets in place and in working condition. I replaced the bumper and therefore this one is just taking up room. It will most likely need to be repainted. It has some pitting and scratching from normal daily driving over the past 6-7 years.

The price includes all shipping, packing, and insurance cost of shipping the bumper through USPS Parcel Post service. I could get this cheaper, but it would be through Greyhound and I have no experience with them plus I would need to barrow a truck to transport the bumper... so Parcel Post it is.

This bumper is a good deal for someone who needs to replace their cracked, old, or problematic front bumper. The cheapest price for a quality bumper I can find is American Muscel's website. They want $200 shipped and you have to attach the brackets... mine are already attached. These are the pics I took when I replaced the bumper.

Holes for a Chin Spolier are pre drilled. Lines in Foglight holes can be removed upon request before shipping. This bumper looks beat up... its just the paint. With new paint this bumper will look 100% new. The following post has some pics of the car just before a car show in June 09.


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I'll probably be taking this, just checking around locally tomorrow to see if I can find it the same color as my whole car.
Sure thing man, just let me know. It has been sitting around collecting dust.

I can have it shipped out the same day you pay, provided its during business hours of course.

My e-mail is [email protected]
Can you do $100 shipped?
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