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FS: Complete Eaton M112 S/C kit for 99-04 V6's

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Name: Jordan
Location (city, state): Columbus, OH
Items being sold:Complete Eaton M112 supercharger kit for 99-04 v6 mustangs

so iv had my M112 kit on for about 5 months now. ran great. loves everything about it just looking to settle down, save some $ and possibly get a mach 1 or maybe even a c5. i really am torn to sell the kit so i dont have to. if the price is right ill let it go. its everything you need to do with m112 swap and it has a JLT high boost CAI, pre shave blower, billitflow 3.4 pulley and a steeda 3.10 pulley, (8) 39# injectors, shortest adaptor plate you can get for the set up.. i made the #'s in my sig on this setup with a very conservative tune with only about 16* of timing pulled. not sure on a price yet. some where around $2,300. let me know

Eaton M112
Supercharger Adaptor Plate (1.75" tall)
Cobra 39# Injectors (8)
Cobra Plenum
Cobra TB (2)
plenum gas
MYSTEED Idler Pully Kit
TB gasket
Cobra MAF
Cobra egr delete
JLT High Boost CAI (Black)
IAT connector
IAT sensor
New serpentine Belt
Tuned SCT Chip ( already tuned for setup)
Billetflow 3.40 Pulley and Hub
Razors Edge 2.80 Pulley and Hub
Steeda 3.10 Pulley
Autometer boost/Vac gauge
Autometer Water Temp Gauge
Autometer Double Pillar Pod
Throttle Cable/ CC bracket
Upper Intake Gaskt (new)
NGK VR6 spark Plugs (6)
Permatex Ultra Black RTV (Supercharger Gasket)
12 bolts for adapter to V6 lower intake
12 washers for intake bolts
10 bolts for M112 to adapter
4 bolts for the plenum to the M112
4 bolts for the throttle body to the plenum
4 bolts for the MAF to CNC flange
2 bolts for IAC delete to plenum
2 bolts for IAT relocation to M112
2 bolts for Cobra throttle cable bracket
2 clamps for air filter

Machine Work-
SuperCharger Lip Shaved (cost me $275)



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I'm trying to find a throttle body to supercharger adapter (plemum) for a 2004-05 Cobra M112 in order to finish off my project, a 1996 3.8 Windstar that already has the engine built and with the supercharger already on it.. I just need to have the plenum turned in the opposite direction as right now it's only turned enough to point at the driver's side fender rather than a fall 180° in order for "everything" to actually work properly. Rather than doing it half ass the first time and needing to do it again-I may as well do it right the first time even though it's running... Thanx and I might not be full of money but I am full of ideas... My websites way behind and below is the URL and if it doesn't come up, insert a-in between Windstar and sc.. thanks, Bruce
1 - 1 of 26 Posts
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