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Name: Larry
Location (city, state):Long beach, ca
Items being sold:Stock GT Fog Lights and bulbs, ready to be screwed in to grill
Price:$60.00 shipped priority mail USPS

I just took these out of the car, had them on for about 36k miles. No damage, has a lot of small little cracks that you can only tell are there when up close to them. I never actually realized they were there till I just took them off and put them up to the light.

After seeing that I went and looked at a few other GTs and they've got the same thing. New GT's though don't so I guess it's just something that happens with road debris over time. These do not come with the screws needed to lock these into the grill, because I'm using those for what I replaced these with.

Work great, shine brightly as well. I think they sell for 80 or 90 brand new, not sure if that includes shipping on AM, so I'll just start this off at 60$ shipped through 3 day priority. Can only accept paypal, thanks.

Here's the pictures. Sorry if they're blurry, but I can only use my blackberry camera at this time. Just found my camera charger so I have to let that charge for about an hour till it's ready to go, then I can take better/clearer pictures if anyone is interested.

I'm always open to any possible trades for something of equal value for my car, but would rather sell it. Let me know, thanks.

My phone notifies me when I get a PM or a post on the thread here, but in case you just want a really quick and direct reply, you can email me directly at [email protected]

Here's a better picture of the foglights. The camera makes them look worse than they are, but price is 60 shipped now since I just want to get rid of them.

Unfortunately I don't have a picture of my car with the fogs on when they were on my car, but here's a picture of them on my car from a little while back.

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