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Fs: Smoked Taillights! 05++ Professionally Done!

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Got a set of 05+ Tail lights (I have a 99-04Set too ill list later)
Anyway.. These are professionally done. They are sanded, sprayed w/ a transparent base coat (light will shine thru perfectly, ive provided pix for proof) They are then wet sanded again, and sprayed with automotive clear coat,(NO RATTLE CANS USED HERE!, You can wax,wash,clay,etc etc the same as you would on your car..) Sanded AGAIN and buffed.. to a mirror finish. Thats just the gist of it, i put alot of work into these, feel free to ask any questions. I usually Offer money back for your stock lights; however, im getting kind of sick of doing these. But we can work something out for now its $200shipped for the set
My ebay feedback for lights. If you want to send your old ones for a discount that may be available too. :eBay Feedback Profile for osirisk8ery2k


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My car.. to show how they work
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very nice work!! id buy some if i didnt already do my own!
BUMP!! just bought a pair for my white stang. should look nice.
thx.. lol just so happends i changed my ebay name today from osirissk8ery2k (8th grade??) haha to smoked_tails.. updated link

eBay Feedback Profile for smoked_tails
no not yet. and hes not responding to my PMs either. :(
hmmmm....I was interested in these. Let us know how it turns out.
for sure
spoke to him. i should get them by monday.
still no sign of them...he told me he sent them today and i should get em tomorrow. if i dont get em by tomorrow im gonna be mad. ill let you guys know tomorrow
damn i was looking forward to finding a great source to get mine much for this guy
uh its been around 2 weeks
didnt get em today. i think i need to make people aware of how long its been. I ordered them 2 weeks ago and the day i was supposed to get them has been pushed back many times. buyers beware of how long it will take!!!
Damn that sucks bro lmk how thing turn out cuz i was interested in these but idk now...
Damn sorry to hear its taking so long for you! I hate when people get dishonest about a product. Have they gave you any reasonable explanation for the delays? Are they atleast keeping in contact with you? Did they give you a tracking number? If i were you at this point, i'd cancel the sale...this person isnt the only one out there selling smoked tail lights. If you payed via paypal or money order, you should be more than covered to cancel the sale and get your money back.
I will BAN him if he does not make this right...

myeleanor u have a pm...
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