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My fuel pump decided to stop working on me on Monday night and now I get the opportunity to change it. I figured since I have to replace it I might as well upgrade it, after looking around it seems that the SVT focus pump is the most common upgrade and looking through the forums I found a link to that show the new walbro pumps for the 99-04. After reading the information on I think I want to get the walbro high performance pump since it's cheaper cost than the SVT focus pump. The question I have for you guys is:

The site states that the walbro pump operates at 13 volts, will I need to do any electrical changes/upgrades to ensure this pump will run correctly?

My Car Details:
1999 Mustang GT (mostly stock)
130 PAPerformance alternator
TFS Throttle body and plenum
BBK Cold Air intake
Bassani Mufflers
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