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Hi guys, long time no see!

I'm about at the end of my rope getting my fuel gauge to work. I'm on my third fuel gauge and third fuel sender (the one currently in the car being for fuel injection). It has never worked correctly.

I just installed a brand new fuel guage, it's getting its 5v connection, and my other gauges work correctly.

What has me scratching my head is the resistance of the fuel sender. At itself. I tested one test lead where the boot/plug goes onto the stud of the sending unit itself, the other to the metal ring on the gas tank that holds the sender in place).

With at least a half full fuel tank, my resistance levels would vary from 120-250 ohms depending on placement of the ground lead.

I know it should be between ~70ohms for full and ~10 for empty. So what would cause such a big additional resistance? Everything looked clean, so any ideas what I might be missing?

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