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Hey guys, its been a while since I've posted anything but I'm thinking about getting a full mac exhaust for my GT now. Is there anything else i should buy? Like the mils eliminators/o2 extensions, what about gaskets? This is my first exhaust change, so I have no clue what I need. Tell me what you think! This is what i expect the exhaust to sound like...
For some reason you cant watch the video on the websight, you have to go to youtube by clicking th title =X.

Here's the links to the products...

Speed Concepts - TF9625 - MAC Industrial plated (chrome) Long Tubes 4.6L V8 1 5/8 2.5 collector for 1996-2004 Mustang GT/Bullitt

Speed Concepts - PC4900 - MAC ProChamber 4.6L 2.5" pipes for 1999-2004

Speed Concepts - TK9624 - MAC Catback Exhaust 4.6L Mustang 2.5" pipes with 3.0" Stainless steel tips for 1996-2004 GT/Bullitt/Mach1 and 1996-1998 Cobra

Gaskets, How many will i need?
Speed Concepts - XR3Z-9450-AA - Ford OEM exhaust stock Manifold to H pipe/X pipe midpipe metal gaskets fits all 79-07 Mustang V6/GT/Bullitt/Mach 1/Cobra

O2 Extensions:
Speed Concepts - 8531 - Oxygen Sensor extender harnesses fits all 1987-2007 Mustangs/Cobra

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get the ceramic coated LTs:
Speed Concepts - TF9603 - MAC Ceramic Coated Long Tube headers 4.6L V8 2.5 collector for 1996-2004 Mustang GT/Bullitt
they are 80 bucks more but definitely worth it. You will also want to buy new header gaskets not the ones you linked. You can get new header gaskets from here:
Ford Racing 96-04 SOHC Mustang Replacement Header Gaskets [M-9448-A462] - $15.25

You will need O2 extenders and unless you have a tuner u will need MIL eliminators also:
Steeda Mil Eliminators 96-04 GT-Cobra [296-420-016] - $61.95
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