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Hello everyone!! None of my gauges are working on my 4.6 swapped 2003 Mustang. I swapped the car using a complete 1996 GT donor car. Electronically, the car has nothing left from 2003, its a 1996. Everything is working great, however, none of my gauges are working. My car has the PATS disabled, so I've tried other clusters, still nothing on any of them, so that eliminates that.

My cluster illuminates, turn signals display, engine codes display on the bottom, the dimmer switch works. but none of the gauges show a reading. I checked fuse 15 in the fuse box and it seemed fine. The only thing I can think of would be a ground issue. when i turn on my headlights, the cluster dims by over 50%.

I know of two medium sized ribbon cables that run right above the oil filter. One is Black (The end is severed off of it) one is Red. Could one of these be causing the issue? I would assume the black is ground, and I believe the red one is the engine / body ground, can anybody confirm? I don't want to put a Red ground to a power source without knowing.

Thanks So Much Guys!!!
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