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Hi all,

Don't worry.... I will not be asking which is better on gas or what rpm I would be running at going 60mph...lolol

So update... my KB is now being delayed (minimum a year) as we are expecting our third edition to the family in June :D. Now that doesn't mean I can't compromise right..LOL:)

So as a compromise, I will now be ordering CAI, LT Headers, Catted X-pipe, SCT Xcal-3, Upper & Lower Control Arms & Gears.

Here is my question: What is the driveability of 4.10's vs 3.73's? I have been told that although the 4.10's are a superior torque multiplier you will feel like you are driving a dump truck when letting off the throttle.

I was advised to go with the 3.73's since they are not as steep, so you can better control the 'whiplash effect' when going through the gears or downshifting outside of the powershifting zone.

So his theory is that while the 4.10's would be superior for racing they would be inferior for normal driving (since it's my DD) and I would get tired of having to use my clutch to compensate for a smoother ride.

I've never been in a Mustang with 4.10's :(so I cannot comment and this is why I am asking you all. One other thing to point out, I am looking to drive my car to my dad's this spring which is approximatley 1200 miles away.

As always, thanks for your advice.
1 - 1 of 3 Posts
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