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General Lee horn

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so i've wanted to put a general lee horn in my car for years. Ever since I saw the movie. Think i should? If so, where the hell should I put the 5 horns?!
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hahahahahaha yea, i'd do it for laughs

*classic traffic scene, people honking*
**vroooomm *dixie horn* ** hahahahahahaha
In a Charger, maybe. In a Mustang, no.

When you started with the part about wanting one "for years," I thought you must have grown up watching the show every Friday night like I did. But when you followed it up with "ever since I saw the movie," that made me laugh. Wasn't the movie just a couple of years ago?

lol 2005...aka "years" hahahaha regardless. Guess I won't. BUT LA CUCARACHA SOUNDS GOOD HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA:eek:
1 - 3 of 14 Posts
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