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Well this weekend I went to the track this weekend in search of a 12.5x to high 12.4x pass so I could beat a pb of a local ls1 owner. My car has bolt-ons and a 100 shot but I'm still running stock gears and I recently sold the tuner I had. I lined up got and the slicks hot. Launched kinda soft at 3500 flat footing it just before dropping the clutch and the car ripped threw the 60' mark in just 1.68 seconds. As I bang the gears on my way to the end of the track I fly by the 1/8 mile markers in just 7.8118 seconds at 87.95 mph. Shortly after I shifted to forth I pass the 1/4 markers with a time of 12.2818 at 110.16 mph. I'm happy for now but it makes me want to get the headers,a-arms and k-member I have laying around put on.
1 - 2 of 6 Posts
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