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glowing red..?

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This is probably posted in the wrong spot but I'm just lookin for a quick answer.
I'm workin on a friends 03 lancer that's been sittin for about a year. I changed out the battery, spark plugs, oil and gas to get it to turn over. After it ran for around 20 min the headr started glowin red hot. Any ideas y? I was thinkin the cats were probably clogged but I just wanna be sure
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Yeah. That sounds like a clogged up cat.

We had a 6 cyl mustang at work with the same issue.
If you messed with the timing also you might want to check that. I changed upper and lower intake on my Mustang a while back, and though I marked the timing but didn't after a few mins of running shitty, it was red red hot. Just tough I put it out there just incase you mess with the timing also.
yes timing will do that also just as mentioned
yeah if its been siting for awhile, a mouse or some **** might have made a new home in there, I'd def. get it checked out before driving it to much
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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