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well said jazzer. but if you really wanna get into it. id stay 17s. get yourself a set of 17x9 cobra rs and some faulken rt615s or the hancooks. kuhmo ecsta 710s if you can come up on a set. if i was you id sit down and read the rules haha. youll most likely be in ESP- E street prepared, i would hold off on the subframes for now because there was some debate recently about if they were legal in that class. so short recap:
Read the rules of the classes.
Go out and see what other people are running. take note that most people dont have staggered setups and alot of street parts are junk on racecars.
learn to drive!
but most of all have fun dude. its a great sport and you can really learn alot
1 - 1 of 7 Posts
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