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Good deal or not???

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I have a chance to get a 1977 351w full motor from carb to oil pan for $140 delivered to my door... good buy or not? the motor looks 100% stock and the guy says it hasnt run in years but it turns over freely by hand..has rust on the pulleys and what not but its 32 years old so I dont expect much.... what do you guys think?
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sounds good to me if it is not cracked or anything like that
Buy it.
It sounded pretty good to me to... I have a sn95 v6 and wanna do a 351w swap so this seems promising... I know this topic has been worn out but lets say I get a decent carb, decent heads, and a pretty free flowing exhaust ROUGHLY how much horse/torque would I be looking at with this motor? I was thinking roughly 250 horse/ 325 torque
Good deal
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