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The GoodGuys 2010 Grand Prize Giveaway Car, the BOSS SNAKE was won by Hazelwood, Missouri’s Tom Ramsey at the 13th Southwest Nationals in Scottsdale, Arizona.
One of the first words out his mouth after his lucky key fired the ‘SNAKE was “Yippeeeee! I’m drivin’ it back to St Louis!” He planned to start his journey the day after he won the car.
Built completely in house by RPM and designed by Kaucher Kustoms, The BOSS SNAKE features a 770 horsepower Jon Kaase built 520 cubic inch Boss Hemi, Custom Flowmaster stainless exhaust, and a ton of other great parts.

Link to gallery:
In Progress - Current Projects - 'Boss Snake' - 2010 Goodguys Give Away Car
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