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Good tune up = HP??

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Hi, ive got a 95 cobra, and im just wondering if there are some horses that are caged up in the engine that could easily be released by a performance tune?
Thanks -chris
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a performance tune or tune up? and what all is done to the car right now?
a performance tune.. and its all stock except for Racing wires, MSD Coil, and Short throw shifter, thats it. THanks
i would jus wait until you get a few things done..i would definitely get some exhaust and a CAI to get some air flowing through your motor allowing her to breath easier
wait till more is done to the car. put money into the exhaust or the rest of your bolt ons
there is hidden power in your stock tune because of emissions etc.. but I'd say at least do some long tubes and mid pipe before putting the cash out for a good tune
Yeah the sn95 cars change drastically with a tune, but I am with the others on getting at least a couple of mods first to make it worth while
Alright, thanks alot guys. Will do, Full exhaust, CAI, maybe gears. Thanks
A tune up and a custom tune is going to free up some extra power... just make sure you get the right parts that work with one another instead of just buying the first thing you find.
Alright, thanks alot guys. Will do, Full exhaust, CAI, maybe gears. Thanks
great idea. don't forget to do a routine tune up as well (fuel filter, plugs, wires, cap, and rotor.)
1 - 10 of 10 Posts
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