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Got Dyno done last night.

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Well I got the car on the dyno last night with the list of mods in my signature and wasent quite what i was expecting. RWHP was 232.31 and Torque 279.77 With me being and slowmatic I guess its So... Where do I go next? any opinions? Can't afford to blow it yet and staying away from spray...
Thanks Chris at CD Performance...
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nope not at all... thats a bs myth. It wont hurt you at all, you just wont use the full 75mm unless you have heads and cams, N2o, or FI.
wow thats surprising... you should have way more hp that that...
nope, auto...
hey dont get down about the numbers i love my and be cars with more hp than me all the
you mean you beat the drivers:D
1 - 3 of 28 Posts
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