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Got Dyno done last night.

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Well I got the car on the dyno last night with the list of mods in my signature and wasent quite what i was expecting. RWHP was 232.31 and Torque 279.77 With me being and slowmatic I guess its So... Where do I go next? any opinions? Can't afford to blow it yet and staying away from spray...
Thanks Chris at CD Performance...
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hey dont get down about the numbers i love my and be cars with more hp than me all the
hahaha nah i think i just got a cracked out car.. think they built mine on like a good day a weds... and not a pisssed off damn another day at work monday..lmao... but like a bolt on get with gears 3.73s not 4.10 cant beat them for some reason(lol) in a 5spead i beat them with the little stuff i have now.. i mean yeah they start comein back on me after 100 but i be infront untill then.
1 - 2 of 28 Posts
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