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Got my HID's in!!

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So someone here posted a link to DDM Tuning a few weeks ago for good prices on HID kits. We got our Christmas bonuses at work last week so I went ahead and ordered mine. 6000K 9007/2 shipped for $63.00! order was made last Saturday and they arrived today.

first thoughts when I opened the box, Holy cow there are a lot of wires! took my time with the install and got them in in about 1.5 hours. its dark now and I am leaving for work in a bit so I will get to test them out... Yay! Kit seems pretty decent though, and they have lifetime warranty so thats good. I will post a few snapshots of the kit and install Sunday night. I would do it now, but the wife has the camera in her car and she just took off.... Grrr.
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1.5 hours....that's a long time...glad you got them in though
I also ordered from DDM. Did you do the dual beam or single?
I got the dual beams. went in easy. verry happy with them, just getting them aimed is a bit of a pain since Ford decided we diddnt need horizontal adjustment....
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