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Got stang back

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Hey guys just got the stang back from the shop got new manifold gaskets and it sounds better a little lol so now I have to replace the doughnut gasket I was told I could do that pretty easy?

I owe the guy 160$ for doing the manifold only 2 bolts broke (thats with the one that was broke initially)

So I was dirving back and it stalled in a left turn like didnt die but flat up stalled and it was kind of icy almost slid into the curb but didnt it came back slowly though

Im about to change spark plugs, fuel filter, when it stops sleeting

Any idea why it might have done that besides possiable missfire or something? Or what thanks guys
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For the last time, there is no donut gasket on mustang headers unless you have long tubes. Missing/broken header bolts will cause a backfire.
For the last time, there is no donut gasket on mustang headers unless you have long tubes. Missing/broken header bolts will cause a backfire.
Hey man dont get a attitude he's the one that told me to change the doughnut gasket so I guess I have long tubes...and if I just got it back from the shop then I would assume that the header bolts were fixed right?

yeah the header bolts are fixed...

P.S. isnt there a gasket (regardless of shorts longs) like down past the headers right underneath the car? maybe thats it the one hes talkin about cause thats where it sounds like its comin from
not all long tubes have doughnut gaskets either
all I know is the mech told me I need to replace the doughnut gasket before it burns up my valves so tomorrow im going to get all over that or try anyway
at least check if you do have them, i havent seen many headers that require them but there are some that do...
ok well if thats not it what else could it be you can tell theres an exhaust leak
you said you they fixed the manifold bolts but the header bolt broke...kind of confusing they came with headers so you dont have long tubes
ok sorry I dont know all of the names yet ok this is what happened, the header bolt broke off (thats the gasket I needed to fix on both sides) so I took it to a mech to do it because the bolt was broke so he did the gaskets and fixed the bolt (he broke another bolt but fixed it to) (he also called the gasket the manifold gaskets Im pretty sure he did anyway) but those are the gaskets he fixed sorry if I mislead or confused anyone I confuse myself lol tryin to learn
a doughnut gasket is a small circular gasket (that looks like a doughnut). It goes between pieces of your exhaust pipe, like where the hearder collector bolts to your mid pie. You probably dont have them, you most like have a flange that is set up so you dont need them... even if you were missing a dougnut gaket it would not cause any major problems.
yeah i know where the gasket is I just havnt checked it to see if it was there yet.. Ok so if its not there where could the exhaust leak be coming from I mean you can tell theres one....

I thought all cars had doughnuts gaskets?

P.S. I already have the doughnut gaskets I have 2 I stopped by advance on the way home and got them, Did it by vehicle type maybe i got something I dont need?
When i took my stock exhaust off my Mustang there were no doughnut gaskets being used. If you replaced your header gaskets, it could possibly be an issue with rusted out piping. Take a close look at all of your piping and make sure there are no holes, especially take a look at your headers and make sure they are in good condition and mount up square to the heads... if they are warped it would cause an exhaust leak and that is important to fix if it is that early in the exhaust system
alright man thanks alot tomorrow I'll get all over it I hope its not headers I dont have that kind of money right now for new headers they are expensive arnt they?
they arent too bad actually... long tubes are more espensive and require a shorter mid pipe, but shorty headers and definately under $200 for a decent set... Good luck
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awsome thanks alot for the help man
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