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Good Morning,

My name is Bobby, I’m looking to participate in the Grass Roots Motorsports $2008 Challenge. I’m here to pull upon the groups wisdom and generosity. To win this, I’m going to need all the help I can get.

The Low Down:

Buy, Build and Race a car for $2008. The Race will take place the 1st weekend of October. The car will be used for a AutoX and Drag Race. Sounds easy right….WRONG!

The Plan:

I have 4 stages:

1.) Buy Car
2.) Build Car
3.) Test Car
4.) Race Car

I’m currently on stage 1. Because of the budget limitations, I would like to use an 80’s Fox Body with a 5.0 in it. I really need you guys to keep a lookout for a car for me. I’m in Orlando FL so the closer…the better. It doesn’t have to look good…just haul ass. I will take lots of pic and post them on this thread as the build progresses.

Again, any help you can give me…would be great.

The event last year was won by a C3 vette….we can’t let that happen again.
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