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Have you seen our awesome deals on Blueprint engines?

306 and 347 packages available, call with questions!

Both packages include:
Blueprint long block
Harmonic balancer
Mini starter
Coil & bracket
302 ignition
M12259 M301 black 9MM wire set
Autolite 3924 Spark Plugs
Breakin Oil Roller Cam
302 Stealth Intake Manifold
Intake Gaskets, Bolts & Studs
Quick Fuel Slayer 600 CFM VS
Fuel Pump SB Ford
Small Block Ford Steel & Filter
Ford 90 Degree H2O Outlet
Thermostat, Gasket, Bypass hose and clamps
Water pump
100 amp Alternator, Bracket & pulleys
Clutch Kit
Fork 5.0 Mustang
Flywheel, Clutch bolts & Pilot
Bellhousing Kit
Cobra air cleaner kit
Cobra valve covers
T-5/TKO-600 (Depends on package)
Machine Tail housing Boss N/C
Assembled to turn-key
Dyno Break-in and video

Mike Forte
Fortes Parts Connection
40 Pearl St,
Framingham, MA

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