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Hey everyone,
So i have a stock 94 gt 5spd and just picked up a set of gt40p heads. I'm looking into getting the TFS1 cam w/ 1.7 rockers; does that sound good? Now what intake would you guys recommend? I've been looking at the pp Typhoon (since i'm on a budget), but on down the road i'd like to supercharge it so should i just go ahead and get the TFS street burner? Also what pushroads (length) should i get, and what springs are good (and affordable) for that cam? Are these Mustang 1.7 Ratio Pedestal Mount Roller Rocker Arms For Small Block Ford, Set Of 16 at LRS - Same Day Shipping! rockers ones i should get? Just want'n to get a list of everything i specifically need! Also if you're running gt40p heads whats your setup and what kinda power are you making!
All in put is appreciated!
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