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So, My stang was ready for a waxing since it had been a few weeks. Since there was a car show the next day i decided to strip all the product off the car and try a new combo.
After all the work, i realized the car looked WAY too good to drive to the car show, so i drove to Downtown Los Angeles and Took Some pics!!! Came out Great!!!

Here are the Pics!!!

Here is the detailing info just incase people are curious. The combo REALLY impressed me!!!

CG Citrus Wash+Gloss (Body)
CG Citrus Wash Clear (Wheels)
CG Wet-Mirror Finish
CG Jetseal 109
CG 50/50 Pure Consours Paste Wax
CG Wheel Guard






Some Detail Whoring....


Flawless Paint



Beading From 50/50 is Very Tight


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