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hardcore cops

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WOW they kicked ass. more cops need to do that. stupid ****er runs from the cops he needs to be shot
this is a repost and it was discussed.. the cops shot the man cold blood and killed him. it was posted in the clubhouse by me.. check it out
cold blood? see this is what is wrong with liberals today. that dude was driving over 100+ serveral times running from the cops and i bet you would be singing a different tune if some little kid got blown to pieces while walking across the street as that dude hit him.
i would have emptied my clip on him reloaded, emptied another then pissed on his corpse.
i hate this aiming crap oh i wouldn't have shot for the head. come on give me a break the dude is almost ran the **** over he draws his gun while sitting on a moving car and starts shooting at what he is trained to shoot at, the mass of the target. sit on the hood of a car and tell me whats the largest mass object. his head because its the only thing you can clearly see. dumbasses
wtf is wrong with you people!!!! that guy could have killed many civilians and was running from police. its not the cops job to be a punching bag for these idiots. i don't care if someone comes after a cop with a teddy bear, the cop can use deadly force. you don't attack cops! like i said its not their job to come home to their family beaten bruised or stabbed just because some idiot wants to take shots at them. running at those speeds is more than enough reason to take someone down.
Its simple dont JUMP in front or on the hood of a car yank his ass from the side:eek: Show me in the video where he floors it to kill or injured the cop!
are you being serious? why do these criminals have to hurt someone to warrant deadly force? what are these cop suppose to do? wait stand still get ran over or stabbed by a pair of scissors before they act? like i said before its isn't their job to come home to their wife beaten every night because these criminals decide to run.
Now this is bad training but funny but I suppose your gonna say he should not have walked away and the cop was right?


i never said every cop is right and in this instance he jumped way to fast. however if a cop draws down on you and tells you to put your hands behind your back are you going to walk away? thats just dumb.
No I wouldnt walk away but I be scared to death if a cop is reaching for something for no reason without telling me Im under arrest

the cop acted wrong however the dude refused signing the ticket. you have to sign it and if its bogus, challenge it in court everybody knows that. plus you only see what that editor choose to show you i mean comeon just look at the title at the beginning of the clip hmmm slightly opinionated against the taser are we? haha
no iwas talking about the editor of the video being against tasers. notice how he says bogus speeding ticket? so what makes it bogus? and if the driver was sooo in the right why didn't he show the whole convo that took place in the car? probably because the dude was being belligerent the whole time.
but yea ive be tased by a hand held before. it sucks lol. never been tased by a taser gun tho :)
1 - 10 of 112 Posts
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