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hardcore cops

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I used to go to all the time when this happened If i remember right he didnt say he fell he said he jumped on the hood dont know but

When he did shoot he did not kill that guy he missed every single time by inches because I remember the guys talkin about it on how did he miss so much (almost positive thats what they said may be wrong)

To me that was kind of poor training he should of pulled his car up infront of that car and tryed to box him in but thats just me
He did what he did and hey if I was on a hood of a car and the guy tryed to drive off yeah I'd prob shoot at him to

But hey its a big thing everyone has there oppion and he should have he shouldnt have just my oppion i want to be a police officer one day not to be a hero though
I never heard it was fatal thats kinda what I meant from what I heard (which may have been wrong for all I know) but he missed every single time by inches but Like I said i might be wrong thats just what they were sayin
yeah looks like I was wrong maybe it was another one I dont think so though but hey I was wrong lol
1 - 3 of 112 Posts
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