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hardcore cops

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its not poor training, the guytried to ram the cops more than once and the cop that was on the hood was in front of the car, and the guy tried to ram him so he jumped onto the hood, and began firing. you dont know what the **** your tlaking about. 2 officers were also injured in this pursuit and one actually went to the hospital so do your research before you sayn this was cold blood
i hate this aiming crap oh i wouldn't have shot for the head. come on give me a break the dude is almost ran the **** over he draws his gun while sitting on a moving car and starts shooting at what he is trained to shoot at, the mass of the target. sit on the hood of a car and tell me whats the largest mass object. his head because its the only thing you can clearly see. dumbasses
im with you. police are trained to shoot to stop. you know what the best and fastest way to stop a fight is?...................... head shot, base of the skull
the guy was also a career criminal, so good ridance, and also, there are a lot of things that these tapes dont show you.
Now this is bad training but funny but I suppose your gonna say he should not have walked away and the cop was right?
YouTube - Man dangerously TASERED for refusing to sign ticket
yeah that mcop ****ed up btu whether he is right or wrong, you do what the ****ing cop tells you to do whether he is right or wrong. the court will decide that. you guys are a bunch of ****ing pussies and dont understand that the officer on the hood did not jump on it on purpose the guy tried to ram him so he jumped to the hood to keep form being squashed,. he then proceeded to end the fight. like i said before, you never see the entire video or get the entire story
you know, all these ****ing bleeding heart liberal assholes crying about how the cops were wrong or trying to be action heroes and that they killed the guy in cold blood, you need to wake up and pull your head out of your ass. the guy in the Monte Carlo was breaking the law, and i don't mean he was littering or doing 5 over the speed limit, either. he was going over 100 mph on the road with several units in pursuit, he was resisting, and he put countless lives at risk with that little Need For Speed pursuit fiasco. when the first unit lit him up, he ran and tried to ram the car. that's a sign of aggression. the police tried several times to "box him in" like someone said before. they tried that and it didn't work. why? because the asshole in the Monte Carlo didn't care if he killed anyone or hurt anyone, he just wanted to get away. he didn't care if he killed a cop, and he demonstrated that right off the bat. when police had him surrounded (after being rammed twice), he should've given it up. but no, he was willing to run over a bunch of cops to get away. the officer feared for his life, and he reacted the way he was trained to. clean shoot. period.
do any of you have the slightest idea what it's like to be in a literal life or death situation where you have a split second to weigh all the options and judge every possible outcome of every possible action? do you know what it's like to be in a situation like that and all you can think about it that you're never gonna go home and see your wife and kids again because some asshole scumbag ran you over with his Monte Carlo while you were trying to stop him from breaking the law? i doubt any of you people criticizing these officers has the slightest idea what it's like to have to make decisions like that and live with them. so try thinking about what that kind of job is really like before you decide to shoot your mouth off about something you know nothing about...
x2 :D
he did not lack good judgement. if he did he would be in jail. this video is used as a training aid now, so obviously he did things correctly. and like i said before, they got rid of career criminal that was just a drain on society
1 - 7 of 112 Posts
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