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hardcore cops

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Cop was an idiot for jumping on the hood. The car was rammed already if that was your 16 yr old brother Im sure you'd be pissed! I guess he wanted to be an action hero. The guys were stupid for running! Guys overseas make harder choices than that on a daily basis Im from ohio where this happened thats just poor training.
Calm down sparky! It was poor ****in training there is many diff options to handle that! The cop jumped in front of the car and then on the hood! He could of avoided that but I guess you only see things from one angle! Watch the video that wasnt the only time the gun was fired so look real hard at the video!
The way the cop reported it said he got rammed fell on the hood and had to shoot, he seemed to be sitting up perfectly striaght on the hood of the car before he fired. The car was moving maybe a 1mph and its still under investigation!
That cop is a murderer and should be in jail. The cop put the driver in a position to cause the cop to be in mortal danger to justify the shooting. Thats like handing a knife to someone then shooting them in self defense. The only reason that murderer is not in jail is because he hides behind a badge.
+10000 thats what I mean The cops at this point are obviously pissed the law states that a car being used as a weapon can resort to self defense a.k.a killing. If you watch he jumped in front of the car than on the hood! PPl think everything a cop reports is right. If he would of inteneded to run him over he would of floored it the car was barely moving! There is no way if your being run over that you can position yourself on a hood of a car like this cop. There has been plenty of chases worse than this that did not end like this! Again poor judgement!
These guys are far more dangerous these guy's demostrated they would kill
wtf is wrong with you people!!!! that guy could have killed many civilians and was running from police. its not the cops job to be a punching bag for these idiots. i don't care if someone comes after a cop with a teddy bear, the cop can use deadly force. you don't attack cops! like i said its not their job to come home to their family beaten bruised or stabbed just because some idiot wants to take shots at them. running at those speeds is more than enough reason to take someone down.
Its simple dont JUMP in front or on the hood of a car yank his ass from the side:eek: Show me in the video where he floors it to kill or injured the cop!
Now this is bad training but funny but I suppose your gonna say he should not have walked away and the cop was right?
Now this is bad training but funny but I suppose your gonna say he should not have walked away and the cop was right?


i never said every cop is right and in this instance he jumped way to fast. however if a cop draws down on you and tells you to put your hands behind your back are you going to walk away? thats just dumb.
No I wouldnt walk away but I be scared to death if a cop is reaching for something for no reason without telling me Im under arrest
Basically what Im saying thru these videos is that these ppl are killers and they lived. What happened here in ohio with the fatal shooting would not end that way anywhere but in blue ash at that time! That same guy would of been hit with rubber bullets and 2 cruisers here in columbus!
Hell no I actually like em but that cop acted out of anger he should of arrested him not tasered him. I got tasered by request to see if I was a tough guy ( I failed) what it feels like its fun for a second then I went numb! When I was stationed in Ft benning my buddy did one on me haha
Yeah I guess your right how the hell did the guy know it was a bogus ticket lol I did not think about that! being Tased is funny as long as its not turned up!
Exactly and neither did you see the entire video! A 3700lb car being floored to squash a cop was where in the video? Pussy lol thats a little extreme i'm pretty sure i'm exact opposite but i'm not doing the E-thug thing its not my style!
No I have no clue about danger I only did a 14 month term in 2002 in Iraq! lol you my friend have spoken much too soon!
Then you should know that when kids and adults walk up to you as did me on the street I cant just shoot and Im in real danger I dont know if they are strapped with C-Plosives and it scared the **** out of me, I could of handles this situation much differently. Soilders are at the mercy of the enemy 90% of the time. * Geneva* makes it that way this officer was in no battle zone he lacked poor judgement!
Look guy.... The guy did not try to mow him down! Poor judgement hopping in front and on a car with your life is LEO's fault, if his life was at risk would he hop in front of the car? cut your losses. If you can sit here and tell me that was the only way to resolve it your nut's! Dont compare a street cop to what I did it's insulting! A towel head has guns a towel head has explosive this guy was in a car with what weapon or explosive? You need to be careful how you apply certain situation's its not the same!
Are you in the service 00vabchgt?
Thats is a Staff SGT E-6 an E-7 is a SFC E-3 PFC so he's not a first class!
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