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having some troubles

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alright guys. so it sounds like its coming from my drivers side but when im listening to the motor run i can sometimes hear a kindof slight knocking sound its not that loud or anything but its kindof noticeable only at idle. i dont hear it too much while im driving but that might be because my exahust is loud. it happens at random times and i hear little crackling sounds out of my exahust at idle. anybody know what this might be?
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my friends GT makes a slight knocking sound at idle as well, he hasnt had any problems with it yet, almost 20K later
what exhaust you have? my violators do that and i could sorta hear it with the stockers...did it before and after the top end rebuild...
Take a blunt object like a screwdriver or something and place it against where ever you think the noise is coming from...the put your ear up against it...use it like a stethoscope....that will narrow down where the sound is coming from
my heap knocks noticeably when its cold before it gets warmed up.
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