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New here. Here are my toys

92 notchback 5.0 T5 mostly stock
Powerdyne blower
bbk shorty headers
Catless x pipe
Borla mufflers

Automotive parking light Automotive side marker light Car Wheel Tire

Car Tire Wheel Land vehicle Automotive parking light

I did pick a 4 lug disk brake rear I wanna put in also I want to put a N/A 363 and a TKX in this car. I wanna get Chrome ponies also and a cowl hood.

90 Ranger

306 mild build, T5Z, 31 spline 8.8
To many parts to list It is my normally my daily but the clutch is slipping right now because of a bad slave cylinder. But thats gonna wait until I get the next one to where it needs to be before it snows and can go in storage.

Car Hood Motor vehicle Vehicle Automotive tire

Automotive parking light Car Land vehicle Tire Wheel

Car Hood Vehicle Automotive design Motor vehicle

30-31 Model A roadster
Brookville steel body
Custom built chassis
31 spline 8.8 explorer rear will get built
Chromoly 4 link and panhard bar rear suspension
I have a 72 351w I wanna get it checked out and if its any good maybe a 427w but most likely a refresh or 408ci
I wanna get a TKX for it.

Wheel Tire Car Vehicle Motor vehicle

Wood Table Flooring Floor Road surface

Motor vehicle Automotive tire Tire Vehicle Wheel

Tire Wheel Vehicle Motor vehicle Automotive tire
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