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Ok here's the low down on my car:

it's a 79 (fox body) that's going to have a 351w pushing 400hp, plus a 150 shot of nitrous. The transmission is a tremec TKO (5speed) with a fidanza 4.3 clutch(= really mean!). I'm putting in sub frame connectors, tower brace and a 6 point roll bar.

Now as far as suspension goes I was thinking ebiach drag springs for $270, But what should I run for shocks? Please don't recommend anything that will make my head spin when i hear the price... :eek:

P.S. Obviously this is a streep/strip car;)

thanks guys!

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Lakewood 90/10 struts
MM Coilover kit with 14" 175# springs
MM tubular A-Arms
MM tubular K-Member (optional)
Maximum Motorsports Caster Camber plates

Steeda Drag Springs
Strange 10 way adjustable shocks
Maximum Motorsports adjustable LCAs
FRPP boxed UCA's
MM Panhard bar

With street tires in front it'll handle decently and be simple to adjust ride height. Rear is similarly tunable for street or strip. I would avoid thinking of it as a corner carver but it'll do ok with some sway bar f00.

EDIT: I'm not saying this is the only option but I know it to be a good performing setup for both cases and the parts are dead ass strong and not all uber expensive. You'll spend well where it's important but otherwise that's all pretty affordable.
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