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Hello all! I am finally starting to make purchases for a Coyote swap for my 03 GT. The 2v with the Vortech is starting to show signs that it may not be around much longer. Getting lots of blow by and thinking it may be rings (this is just a guess, no actually substance behind these claims). So instead of throwing money at the 2v to try and fix almost 20 year old tech I am just going to move to a Coyote. So as I begin to pick up parts I am checking them off my list but there really isn't a cut and dry parts list of "This is what you need to swap a Coyote into a 99-04 Mustang" that I have been able to find. So I am asking for input from you guys on here, what am I missing? I am planning on picking up the Coyote swap kit from LMR which also has a t56 which was on my list. Also I have a tubular K already so I SHOULDN'T have oil pan clearance problems but I added it to my list just in case. Any help you guys can give would be much appreciated :smile2:

Engine: Gen 2 Coyote, Starter, starter index plate, Boss 302 Alternator Kit, LMR Coyote Controls pack, 5.0 lower radiator hose, possibly moroso oil pan? Possibly a accessory swap kit?
Trans: T56 Magnum, Bellhousing (does the OE aluminum work or will I need a quicktime?), pilot bearing, billet flywheel, clutch (believe the kit comes with one), I assume some kind of reverse lock out solenoid pigtail.
Fuel System: Coyote Swap Return style system, Fuel pressure regulator, AN fuel line adapters.
Exhaust: BBK Coyote swap LT, BBK Coyote swap mid pipe, O2 Sensor extenders (may just try and source F150 O2 sensors because of longer cables and bad reviews on extenders)
Assorted: Pedal bracket, battery relocation kit, engine covers, prothane motor mounts (unless something better is out there).
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