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help me pick

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should i get centerline telstars
weld rim draglites
or weld rim prostars?? and do any of you have any pictures??
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i hope youre not gonna put drag wheels on a regular street stang. youll probably get laughed at.
id love to know why i would get laughed at??
:lmao alright, well let me ask u this. is your car really really quick?
scratch that ? what r your mods?
does it matter if it is or isnt? those wheels would make it faster. i think you need to go back to school and read up
i agree that they would make your car quicker. but if your car isnt exceptionally quick and if u drive around all the time with those drag wheels on, u will most likely get laughed at. im just trying to warn u from what ive seen. are u buying those wheels to use only at the track or to use all the time?
oh, now u think noone can beat u?
no but it sounded like u thought that when u said----> "if they want to race then i guess they wont be laughing anymore"
right on brotha:cool:
1 - 7 of 32 Posts
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