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help me pick

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should i get centerline telstars
weld rim draglites
or weld rim prostars?? and do any of you have any pictures??
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i like the stars cenertline or prostar.
bogarts? how do these look got a pic?
what back spacing do i need??
Prostars. Bogarts=$$$$

6.5 back spacing on a ten inch rim and 5.5 on an 8
matt check your pm's
i hope youre not gonna put drag wheels on a regular street stang. youll probably get laughed at.
id love to know why i would get laughed at??
:lmao alright, well let me ask u this. is your car really really quick?
does it matter if it is or isnt? those wheels would make it faster. i think you need to go back to school and read up
i agree that they would make your car quicker. but if your car isnt exceptionally quick and if u drive around all the time with those drag wheels on, u will most likely get laughed at. im just trying to warn u from what ive seen. are u buying those wheels to use only at the track or to use all the time?
all the time and if someone wants to laugh let them and if they want to race then i guess they wont be laughing anymore
oh, now u think noone can beat u?
reread it. do you see anywhere in there that i said no one can beat me?
no but it sounded like u thought that when u said----> "if they want to race then i guess they wont be laughing anymore"
yep no one can beat me!
got a point. why drive on track rims/tires all the time.dont get me wrong it may look sick, butwill it actually handle well at all making turns on skinnies up front? and its a new edge, it be ok imo if it were a fox chasis or older to ride on bogarts/prostars/centerlines all the time. just my .02, do what you will.
alright don't take this as im being a smart ass or a dick alot of people have been taking me wrong lately.. but why put drag radials on a street mustang? for better traction right? why put anything on your mustang to make it faster if its a street mustang?? anything to make your car faster or get better traction your going to do it. and why not have two good things and look good while doing it?? :cool:
1 - 12 of 32 Posts
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