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Im currently in the middle of a powertrain swap on my 94 base. I was about to drop the new platform in when i discovered information about differences in Trans. designs and fitment...I now know that the input shaft and bell housing is longer on the sn95's but im on an almost non existant budget and cant afford to find a new trans at this point...PLEASE HELP!

My setup is a 5.0 from a 94 bronco and T5/bellhousing from an 89 mustang. Also going carbed if that matters at all

Will the engine/trans fit where its supposed to without changing my trans setup? If so, will that render my crossmember and driveshaft useless?... Can i get an sn95 input shaft and bellhousing to fix the problem? Are the driveshafts between the AODE and T5 really non-interchangeable?! Can i just nix the trans swap until later or will the AODE not work with the carb setup? Ahhh, my head is spinning!

Im sure these questions have been answered a million times but ive read conflicting information. This rookie could really use some solid info from some1 who knows what theyre talking about...Please
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