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Ok guys i've been away for a while getting my **** together and now im ready !!! And I need your help again. I trashed the idea of a 347 with a bullshit top-end, so have decided on the:
Dart pro 1 heads 195cc w/ 1.550 springs
comp cam xe282hr 232 in 240 exh @0.5" duration lift, .565 in and .574 valve lift
trick flow R-series intake w/ nitrous plate (up to 200 horse) want to run at least 150
3.73 gears
t-5 transmission
bassani x pipe w/ cat and bbk equal:
Is this a decent set up for a street car, what would you recommend to complete the project. Im wanting to be as close as I can be to 500 horse and 450 torque. Also the speed shop said my compression with be around 10.5 to 1. Thanks
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