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I have a O2 GT I am about to install a on3 turbo kit along with lethal performance return style fuel system. My car is straight piped with mufflers all way back bbk premium throttlebody, cold air intake 375 gears tremic 3650 tranny with mccloud stage three clutch that’s all that I can think of right now I will be buying injectors soon but my main concern is I want to do cams and I’m not sure which direction to go I just want around 450/550 hp to wheels yes, I know I will have to have a good tune but like I said, I want to do cams, but I’m not sure which ones to go with. This is my first build although I have had plenty of mustangs. I really want a cam that will work with my set up. Also sound really good to where it is thumping loud u can tell it’s cammed any suggestions and help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks.
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