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I feel like something is missing. Your friend probably has more than just a "cam", and is just BSing you. A stock 5.0 is tearing down an SS.

Care to post up the vid?

Of course he has more than a cam.. You have to have boltons before internals. He's been modding for over a year. He is geared also. He said he can run low 11's and he will be running 10's when he gets his traction issues sorted out. It's his go pro I'll get the vid when he puts it up.

I'm just asking what I need to keep up.. We went from a dig at a light just messing around and I couldn't get off the line I'm new too the car. I suggested the rolls. He is dialed in his whole family races his grandpa worked for Hoosier for like 100 years. I really think he talked me into the mustang to stomp on me. He said 5.0's never get old.
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