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Here are my new Cobra R's

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Tell me what ya think
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sick dude.. those really go good with that color
normally im not a fan of black wheels, but i like those.
Honestly, I like the stock wheels better....
Honestly, I like the stock wheels better....
but they dont look bad.
I'm not a big fan of all black wheels personally. If you dig em though, that's all that matters.
they look good, but i would have gone with some deep dish ones
They look good!!! but they will look better if u use tire shine too!!!!
Car color matches the house color :yes
Looks good .
looks good
finally someone brave enough to color coordinate their car to their house.....
Normally I wouldn't like that color combination but it looks pretty nice with the black stripe on your door.
looks good.. now its time 2 get rid of the 4x4 stance and get some eibach's and get rid of that wheel gap
My wheels would look great on your car!
1 - 18 of 18 Posts
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