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well im new here im jason i have 2001 mustang gt conv i love to play with will my wife too i guess hoping to get all the info i can im new to the 4.6 motor always had the 5.0 so let the fun began nice to meet u all
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Welcome to the site
hey thanks love the saleen im going to vert mine to a saleen
hey thanks love the saleen im going to vert mine to a saleen
Thanks, you mean convert it?
yes i did convert
You converted your gt to a saleen? Im confused

Edit-Im a ritard, i read it wrong.
you got it my bad bro on my spelling im going to convert it to a saleen im looking for parts now give me something to do this winter
Yea, thats gonna be pricey. You would spend less money by buying a REAL saleen, than you would spending money to make it look like one. Have you seen the prices?
nope u want to sell yours cheap
Their no more expensive than buying 03 cobra body parts.
i like the cobra kits too but i love the saleen nose it looks bad ass
ive been looking ive seen cheaper
welcome to the forums!!
1 - 20 of 34 Posts
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