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Who ever told you that is a Retard.

Mine are Brighter then hell and its hooked up to the stock headlight harness.
And your most likely going to have the same jolts at the harness that you do off the battery.

This is like Taking xanax for a downer and then getting mad because that 8 ball of cocaine you just got ain't working lol Take the covers off and take your chances with the VHT Night shade the covers are way way to dark IMO and should only be used during the day and removed at night so you can see where your going.

Edit: Mine also does that right now they both come on and then the drivers side flickers and goes out.But reason being is because the batter in my car is Junk and the HID's only work correctly when the car is running, then pull allot of juice and if you battery was on its way out the HID's will most likely find your weak link in the charging system weather it be the battery or the alternator, but my guess is its the battery.For Ex I can pop my Optima in the car and turn them on and they shin perfectly with no flickering or going off.
1 - 1 of 14 Posts
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