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Get the bigger one if ya can, just keep the boost level safe.

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read up on all the tech articles and such on KB's site. the 2.6L wont be worth wile until you have dropped compression and push 15psi. the 2.1L drops 1psi at full speed at 9psi setting. but once the 2.1L is set to 14psi it drops 3psi at full speed. its efficiency has been mazxed out and such. yes one has to piece the whole 2.6L kit together and get a custom tuen. the 2.1L is all inclusive w/ tune. i've been researching for a while now. i'd post up more links, but will try to do such later, which will give proof to my statements....have to go to work.

it will take a long time to do such, but my plan is aprox 17 psi on a built block awith about 8.5:1 CR. it will all be tuned on 93 octane.

these are the S/Cs
'99-'04 Mustang 4.6 2V 2.6L Competition Supercharger
'96-'04 Mustang 4.6 2V 2.1L Supercharger

comparison of the two

tech info (99-04)
Ford Technical Info

tech info (96-98)

comparison of 03 cobra/2v gt

tech articles
Kenne Bell Media

supercharger comparison

frequently asked questions

take your time and read every article. the 2.6L isnt worht buying and piecing together until one is ready to push 15psi or better on a built bottom end.

mm's nitrous mod
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well stated. takes more boost to utilize a bigger unit, you can utilize a smaller unit easily. the smaller unit will still make good power pushing more boost, but the larger will be more efficient at those higher boost levels. save that money for the blower and build the rest of the car to prepare for it. when it comes time to get the blower that you want/need, then you can utilize it and be happy with it.
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